"Every dream is a crazy idea,

And every reality is someone's crazy dream.

So ask yourself,

Is your dream crazy enough to change reality?"

           - Udeshaya Wadhwa

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About Me

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That One Question

          It is never really understood why we strive for a specific purpose in our lives, but one thing is for sure, it is what defines us. Our motive in life creates our personality, identity, and it can be thought of as our self- portrait. So what ignites this spark within us? It is our defining moment that creates us, and sets us on our destined path. It is unknown when or where that moment will occur, yet it is one that we not only fall in love with at first sight, but for lifetime. A veterinarian’s defining moment could have been when he or she first played with a pet. Or, a pilot’s defining moment could have been when he or she first flew a paper airplane. Well, what defined me?

          It was a dark, starry night. I was just five years old when my spark was lit. I was sitting in my room with my mom and dad, staring blankly at the labyrinth created by the “shiny dots” of the night sky. “What are the shiny dots in the sky?” I asked. “They are stars honey, and we lie among them,” replied mom. That night, I could not sleep; my eyes were glued to the window and at the stars. With each moment that passed, my curiosity grew, as would any child’s. My mind flooded with questions and the wait till dawn seemed eternal.

          At that moment, my love for science and technology was sparked. Furthermore, curiosity became one of my prime traits. That moment defines who I am now. Ever since, I have always approached science and technology with deep interest. Science and technology was never just a subject for me, it was my passion. And my love affair with it was eternal. My dedication and initiative in science and technology was displayed in my performance, and provided motivation in the form of various awards and recognitions. To name a recent few, “Grade 11 Biology Award”, “Gold Award”, “Division Finalist” at VEX Robotics World Championship, et cetera. In this journey, attaining selective-admission in Sci-Tech Regional Program at my high school was an important milestone that gave wings to my imagination. In my spare time, I look for ways to improve the world—applying the knowledge I have gained from my experiences to real world challenges.

          One can always find me in the kitchen experimenting with different household chemicals, or at my desk tinkering with an array of sensors and micro controllers—my personal favorite Intel Edison, which my team and I were awarded by Intel at University of Waterloo Hackathon. We were honored in Tech Retreat’s Hall of Fame with the title “Intel’s Best Hack Award”. Another most memorable creation was the “ARM- Brace”, a multi-purpose rehabilitation and support exoskeleton to help rehab patients and feeble elderly. So far, I have developed the prototype; the actual device would be a compact sleeve. Moreover, I am currently in the process of getting my novel idea patented. I attribute my efforts towards science and technology; it is my beloved hobby. So, what is the origin of this zeal I hold for my passion?

          It was my defining moment, that one question, which lit the spark of my curiosity for science and technology. My passion, my attitude, and my identity were painted from when I was merely a blank canvas to now. Although my self-portrait is still in creation, a more recognizable face could be seen. Everyone in their childhood asks the same question; yet it only holds significance for a few. I am one of the few who have a special place in their heart for this moment, my defining moment. That one question changed everything, wherefrom my identity evolved and my scientific expedition began.

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